We began our professional journey into the world of natural history filmmaking in 1998 when we joined a crew from National Geographic who were producing a documentary on tiger sharks.


We were initially signed on as support divers and researchers but within a few months, were given the oportunity to shoot as well.


16mm film cameras were still the order of the day and it was a privilege to enter this line of work when loading magazines in the dark was the norm .. a steep but invaluable learning curve for us both!


Our next assignment was to a river system in Australia's Northern Territory where we filmed the interactions between bullsharks and freshwater crocodiles ... amazing!




Then to the Antarctic aboard the research ship Aurora Australis and once onsite at Davis Station, filming leopard seals predating adelie penguins.


Since then we have focused on locations throughout Australia, capturing sequences and producing films on who and what we encountered along the way.


We specialise in developing novel pieces of equipment to obtain imagery of animals and locations from new and exciting perspectives.

Body heat activated cameras, infrared, controllable underwater video, remotely operated camera propulsion systems and animal mounted HD video is where we are at the moment.


We thrive on the challenge of designing, constructing and operating these devices and usually, the shots work!

Although our filmmaking is generally conducted near the ocean, we have also travelled inland Australia where the wildlife and scenery is equally as breathtaking.