Bremer Canyon Documentary 2021

Get involved in the production of our next natural history film on the spectacular Bremer Canyon.

One off members fee of $50.00

Becoming a member will see you gain access to:


  • Live streaming throughout the 4 month killer whale season

  • A copy of our best raw vision including season 2021

  • Creative involvement and a credit in the documentary

  • A signed copy of the completed film

Our objective is to live stream from onboard the vessel, from the air and 1000 metres below the surface!

The Bremer Canyon killer whale season is almost upon us and its shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. For those who are addicted but cant make it (damn you COVID), we are looking at another option, direct involvement through our exclusive live stream.. Subscribing will see you receive access to daily streams from above and below the surface, access to the best footage we capture in season 2021 plus a link to   what we have captured to date. This includes our never before seen raw vision of killer whales hunting the most massive of all creatures .. the blue whale! Witness the day to day strategies employed by these incredibly efficient apex predators from one of our live streaming cameras. We're aiming to not only stream vision from our vessel and the sky but also 900 metres below on the seafloor!

Truly wild places are becoming a thing of the past. Our encroachment on the natural world has not only accelerated the extinction of species and habitats, it is altering how the remaining diversity of life interact. Few places on earth are immune to our influence. One of the worlds most remarkable aquatic ecosystems lies just off the coast of southern Western Australia, the Bremer Canyon. Seasonally it hosts the largest population of killer whale in Australian waters. The orcas are here to hunt deep diving beaked whales who in turn are hunting shellfish and squid, some 800 metres below. Also here are massive bull sperm whales, dragging one ton struggling kraken from the depths only to have them stolen by killer whales at the surface. The list of species and interactions out here is endless and we hope, with your support, to document as many of these incredible encounters as possible.

CU Killer

Beautiful Bull

2015 Bremer Whiteshark





Two killers

OSP flyer

Dave - whale skeleton

2 killers glide_edited


Expeditions to the Bremer Canyon kick off early January 2021 and if years gone by are anything to go by, there will be action from the moment we enter the zone. We plan to live stream directly to you, the sights and sounds we encounter on a daily basis and our camera systems are not only set up onboard the boat. We will have the ability to capture and share live imagery from one of our state of the art drones, both above and below the surface. Last season we managed to capture footage of an incredible diversity of life including 4 metre long broad billed swordfish, green eyed deep water sharks and most astonishing of all, a 10 metre long giant squid!

Dave and Jennene Riggs have spent more than twenty years filming and producing high-quality digital media content. Fully compliant with all required permits, we're also qualified to pilot and film with drones, allowing the capture of unique angles.  At Riggs Australia, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs to ensure we provide them with the right creative content for television commercials, corporate videos, social media marketing and much more.


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