Bremer Canyon Killer Whales 2021

Naturaliste Charters daily expeditions to the Bremer Canyon are commencing on the 2nd January 2021 .. DONT MISS OUT!




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This year we are aiming to send cameras 1000 metres below the surface!


The Bremer Canyon killer whale season is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. For those who are addicted but can't make it, we are offering another option, access to  our exclusive weekly video logs. Subscribing will see you receive receive weekly video updates from the hot spot and a copy of the best footage we have captured so far. This includes vision of killer whales hunting the most massive of all creatures .. the blue whale! Witness the day to day strategies employed by these amazing apex predators from above and below the water.

CU Killer

Beautiful Bull

2015 Bremer Whiteshark





Two killers

OSP flyer

Dave - whale skeleton

2 killers glide_edited


Expeditions to the Bremer Canyon kick off early January 2021 and there will be action from the moment we enter the zone. Last season we managed to capture footage of an incredible diversity of life including 4 metre long broad billed swordfish, green eyed deep water sharks and most astonishing of all, a 10 metre long giant squid!

Dave and Jennene Riggs have spent more than twenty years filming and producing high-quality digital media content. Fully compliant with all required permits, we're also qualified to pilot and film with drones, allowing the capture of unique angles.  At Riggs Australia, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs to ensure we provide them with the right creative content for television commercials, corporate videos, social media marketing and much more.


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2 killers glide_edited