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Film & Video

Dave and Jennene Riggs have spent more than twenty years filming and producing high-quality documentaries and media content. Fully compliant with all required permits, we're also qualified to pilot and film with drones, allowing us to capture unique perspectives.  At Riggs Australia, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs to ensure we provide them with the right creative content for documentaries, television commercials, corporate videos, social media content and much more.


Our documentaries have screened in millions of homes around the world. They include the phenomenally successful ‘The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator’, which screened on the ABC Australia and focused on the Bremer Canyon killer whales, Smithsonian and National Geographic channels, as well as ‘Super Predator’, the highest ever rating show on Discovery Channels Shark Week.

Promotional material

We produce high-quality promotional video content, including TV and online commercials, for a diverse range of corporate, government, not-for-profit and individual clients. This content is unique and tailored to each client’s  requirements – ranging from high impact 15 second ads through to half hour corporate videos, live event coverage, festivals and performances.


We regularly partner with other organisations and Government departments. We also actively strive to raise the profile of Australia's threatened native species and as such, our partnerships are very special to us. For example, we have previously partnered with Friends of the Western Ground Parrot to raise awareness of WA’s rarest bird, making the inspiring film ‘Secrets at Sunrise’ which can be purchased here. Half all proceeds of this film go towards recovery efforts for this critically endangered species. This is just one of the many partnerships we're passionate about at Riggs Australia.

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