Rewilding the West

Bringing back the rarest of the rare

We're producing a web-series about the profound reconnection with nature that comes from volunteering for conservation programs, an awakening to what’s at risk of extinction, and a wildly fun adventure to far-flung islands and remote wilderness areas!


We’ve spent the last few years working alongside actor and passionate conservation volunteer George Shevtsov, on his quest to help save some of the rarest animals in the world.



George is amazing, travelling all around WA volunteering for a variety of wild and wonderful projects. His sense of humour, thirst for adventure, connection to nature, and passion for the environment and these rare species inspires us, and will inspire you too.

It'll be an amazing series, available via our socials and YouTube channel, that will help raise awareness of endangered species and the wonderful volunteers and scientists who are conducting this important conservation work. 

But we’re looking for support to get this project across the line and share it with the world!

You can help us get this series off the ground by donating to our crowdfund here and bask in the knowledge that you've contributed to educating others about the importance of these species and the efforts that are being taken to ensure their survival. By clicking on the button below you'll be taken to our page within the Australian Cultural Fund - a crowdfunding platform for Australian artists - and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Our hope is that this series will inspire others to reconnect to nature and volunteer their own time to programs such as the ones George volunteers for, or to donate to the charities raising funds for endangered species recovery programs.

From a captive breeding facility in the dusty desert outback, to a desert island complete with a stunning pink lake, George takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery around Western Australia, as he accompanies scientists working with several animals so rare they were thought to be extinct (until being recently rediscovered), and shows us the drastic measures being taken to save them.

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